Patient Testimonials for the Catalyst CSR™ Total Shoulder System

All I can say is WOW. In March of 2016, I had my right shoulder replaced. Then in January 2017, I had total shoulder replacement on the left side [with] the new Catalyst Total Shoulder System. I thought my right shoulder replacement surgery was fine because it was all I knew at the time. My result with Catalyst is so much better. After the right shoulder surgery, I slept in a chair for 3 weeks. This time, on the very first night after surgery, I slept in my bed the whole night. I felt really good and was virtually pain-free. Three months later, I feel like I haven’t even had surgery. I am able to put dishes away on the top shelf and hang clothes without difficulty or pain. I definitely could not do that at this point after my right shoulder surgery.

Annette R., Edina, MN

Before my surgery [with the Catalyst CSR™ Total Shoulder System], I enjoyed golf, but I could not even finish nine holes. Holding on to the handlebars of my bike was just too fatiguing and I would get too sore. Even my handwriting was affected. My penmanship became unintelligible, due to the amount of effort.

I had surgery in the hospital, stayed overnight and went home the next day. At home I started to take pain medication as recommended by the hospital staff. But after the second pill I stopped taking them because I really didn’t have any pain, just incision pain, and I took an over-the-counter painkiller for that.

During my physical therapy my therapists said my progress after the Catalyst CSR surgery was about two months ahead of their shoulder replacement patients who have had other systems implanted! ‘Light years ahead,’ according to them.

Already 8 months after surgery I’m playing pickle ball, I’m golfing and I’m able to do anything I used to do with my right arm. I was able to go back to my Bodypump™ class, I was able to do a push up again and many other things. Before the surgery I couldn’t pick up my grandchildren. Now I can have them sit on my lap and not have to protect my arm – pretty cool!

I encourage patients to do their research. Catalyst CSR offered me the ability to have the use of my arm again with a much less invasive surgery. Just seeing how the different systems fit to your body, Catalyst CSR made a lot of sense to me. The pain, the recovery, and the physical therapy seemed a lot easier than what others had told me that I should expect. I’m convinced it was the right solution for me.

Charlene V., Naples, FL

“I went to help my sister recover after she had a [Catalyst CSR™ Total Shoulder System] for her shoulder, but she didn’t need me. After two days she didn’t need the pain medication. It was the most phenomenal thing – she was fine. So, I did it too!

My physical therapists were in shock with my performance during recovery. I did everything they asked me to do, and it didn’t hurt. It’s an amazing surgery.

My passion is exercising. I can now do aerobics, do floor work and lift weights again. Before my surgery I could not sleep on my right side anymore. I now sleep better on my right side than my left side!

To me… when they are not cutting as much bone and soft tissue, it’s a no brainer. The recovery is so much faster. What’s more, if it needs to be revised for any reason in the future, you can still have the old-fashioned shoulder replacement.

I would absolutely recommend Catalyst CSR to other patients looking for a total shoulder replacement.”

Dee Ann M., Cleveland, OH

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