Archer™ R1 Reverse Shoulder System

The Archer™ R1 Reverse Shoulder System is a single-tray arthroplasty system that was designed to combine the most beneficial and evidence-based attributes of reverse shoulder arthroplasty design. The Archer R1 system offers surgeon-targeted implant positioning, a streamlined and versatile system, and bone sparing implants.

Surgeon-Targeted Implant Placement

The Archer R1 system is designed to allow for surgeon-directed, precise, repeatable implant placement. Specific implant designs and specialized instrumentation allow the surgeon to target the implant positioning based on patient physiology and pathology.

  • Low profile humeral stem is designed for inlay metaphyseal fixation.
  • Unique humeral reamer guide plate allows for targeted, precise implant placement.
  • Baseplate inserter tool allows for control over standard baseplate orientation independent of screw placement.
  • Standard and augmented baseplate design allows for 360-degree control of placement.


The Archer R1 system is versatile, allowing surgeons to address a wide variety of rTSA options in a single tray system. Surgeons have intraoperative flexibility to choose their implants and fixation without altering the surgical technique.

  • The system provides surgeons intraoperative flexibility to use either a central screw or central post with the baseplate. The system provides additional flexibility with locking and non-locking variable angle screws for the baseplate.
  • Smart & simple instrumentation is designed to allow for an efficient workflow with a streamlined surgical technique.
  • Surgeons can decide intraoperatively to use either a standard or augmented baseplate and inferior tilt.

Bone-Sparing System

Archer Shoulder Systems are designed to be bone sparing.

  • Stem geometry is designed for metaphyseal fixation and may reduce stress shielding and calcar resorption.
  • Both standard and angled glenoid reamer require only a shallow ream, preserving cortical bone and central vault.
  • Baseplate design, without central boss, may preserve the central vault and leaves significant bone stock compared to leading reverse systems.