Archer™ 3D Targeting Software


Archer 3D Targeting is an innovative, preoperative shoulder planning software encompassing both anatomic and reverse planning capabilities. This software equips the surgeon with an advanced understanding of each patient's unique pathology and delivers an individualized surgical plan prior to the procedure -- with the ultimate goal of improving patient care.

Archer 3D Targeting is created in partnership with 3D-Shoulder and builds upon the Catalyst OrthoScience suite of shoulder solutions.

Engineered Surgical Plan

  • Delivers personalized solutions created off clinically recognized planning guidelines1-13
  • Allows surgeon to preoperatively determine final implant sizing and placement

3D Visualization

  • Creates interactive 3D rendering from patient images to provide surgeon with a unique visualization tool
  • References multiple points to obtain retroversion, inclination, and subluxation


  • Fits seamlessly into surgeon’s preferred workflow
    • Anatomic & Reverse planning options
    • Glenoid & Humeral planning capabilities
    • Web-based planning software


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