Archer™ CSR Total Shoulder System

A Minimally Invasive Option for Shoulder Replacement

Finally, A Total Shoulder System That:

  • Restores the natural shape of your shoulder
  • Preserves your strongest bone
  • Uses a unique, less invasive technique
  • Simplifies procedure to facilitate rapid recovery

Designed to get you back to the activities you love and restore the quality of life you deserve.

Natural Shape

The Archer CSR system has a non-spherical design to properly mimic the three-dimensional shape of the normal human shoulder. Research has shown that shoulder implants designed this way move more like a normal shoulder than traditional spherical shoulder implants.1

Bone Preserving

Traditional shoulder implants require removal of the top of your humerus so a “stem” can be inserted down into the bone canal. By contrast, the Archer CSR system avoids the long metal stem and preserves more of your strong, healthy bone. This may help to reduce operating room time, exposure to anesthesia and blood loss.2

Tissue Sparing

Soft tissue is spared with a unique, less invasive surgical technique due to the Archer CSR system’s patented instrumentation and system design.

Simplified Procedure Facilitates Rapid Recovery

With the Archer CSR system, early data has shown a shorter average hospital length of stay, smaller readmission rate, and higher percentage of patients being discharged home instead of to a skilled nursing facility or inpatient rehab compared to published values for total shoulder arthroplasties.3 This may lead to a quicker return to normal lifestyle and everyday activities.


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